What is an auto feminized seed?

It is a cannabis plant type. This plant will naturally and automatically flower regardless of the vegetative state or light period it is in. On the other hand, feminized seeds are actual cannabis seeds which are specifically bred to become all female with no production of males which should have been discarded.

What are regular seeds?

Regular cannabis seeds. When cannabis plants grow seed naturally they produceregular seeds that give rise to roughly 50% male and 50% female offspring. … For the gardener who enjoys making his own seed stock, regular seeds are a vital part of the process.

Are feminized seeds always female?

One of the biggest worries growers have about feminized seeds is that they will produce hermies instead of 100% female plants as advertised. … That’s no good because even a little pollen in your grow room can seed your female plants, just like a male cannabis plant would.

Can you grow hermaphrodite seeds?

Hermaphrodites are used to make feminized seed. Feminized cannabis seed is often made by introducing a hermaphrodite to a number of female plants. This is usually achieved by using hormones to invoke one or more of the females to generate male organs. The resulting seeds will be predominantly female or feminized seed.

Can plants heal a broken stem?

Hold the broken edges together and place the stake or splint along the edge. Wrap closely with a stretchy binding such as nylons, plant tape or even electrical tape. The binding needs to have some give so the stem can grow. Brace the stem if it is dangling so there is not additional pressure on it as it heals.


Generally, there are five agreed plant hormones: auxins, abscisic acid, cytokinins, ethylene, and gibberellins. When it comes to rooting cannabis cuttings, it’s all about the auxins:cytokinins ratio. In ordinary decent stoner terms, auxins are root juice. The two most important natural auxins are, brace yourself for the science, indole-3-acetic acid or IAA, and IBA or indole-3-butyric acid.

What is CBD and what does it do?

CBD is the abbreviation for cannabidiol, the cannabinoid second only to THC when it comes to average volume. Recently, research has shown CBD to have analgesic, anti-inflammatory, and anti-anxiety properties without the psychoactive effects (the “high” or “stoned” feeling) that THC provides