increase your female to male ratio

Get more female plants usingNitrogen and potassium
Changing the level of these two nutrients in the soil can create an environment that is more conducive to female marijuana plants. Raising the levels of nitrogen in the soil is proven to encourage more female plants, and the same is achieved by lowering the levels of potassium. You can alternate between raising the nitrogen levels and lowering the potassium levels during the vegetation cycle of your plant. For example, a week or two with either adjustment. Remember not to go changing the environment too drastically, because a stressed plant is less likely to be a flowering female plant!

Get more female plants usingTemperature and humidity
These two can be tricky to get right, because female marijuana plants like lower temperatures and higher humidity. You don’t want to sacrifice humidity with a ventilation system where the air is cycled from outside, so a fan is perhaps a better way to lower the temperature during vegetation.

Get more female plants usingLight
Light can be manipulated in two different ways during this special period of the vegetation stage to increase female plants. Female plants tend to favour growing under lights with a blue spectrum. Red spectrum lights are favoured by male plants. The second tool is to decrease the amount of hours of light that your plants are exposed to. It is better to expose the seedlings to about 14 hours of daylight.

It’s possible to manipulate your growing environment to encourage the growth of female plants rather than male. Of course, this doesn’t ensure that 100% of plants will grow up to be flowering females, but these techniques have been tried and proven. Because of how complex the gender selection process is for marijuana, it can be challenging to interfere in a process we don’t know much about. However, these methods come from research involved in creating feminized seeds, and so encourage a greater female to male ratio. Good luck growing luscious female weed plants!