The color of the glands will vary depending on how ripe the THC glands are. They will start out clear, evolve to milky and wind up amber. There are a few exceptions, however, such as occasional outdoor varieties or “Purple Power” plants. The glands of these will be darker, almost appearing purple in color. You will notice that these three stages apply to nearly every variety of marijuana plant. Stage one is harvesting when the glands are clear. This will offer an “up” high that is cerebral, without much effect to the body. This is often considered too early because the THC is not mature enough to pass the psychoactive properties along to the smoker. We recommend you wait until at least 50% of the trichomes have turned milky. Stage two is the creamy or milky stage. Your plant has reached its potential, genetically, now. The trichomes that are still milky will give a combination of a cerebral and physical high at this point. Stage three is the amber stage. This will offer a much more physical stone with a sedative effect. If this is the goal you want, we commend using a hybrid of sativa/indica or using an indica dominant marijuana plant. The high off of a sativa plant is lessened once the glands become amber in many cases. This picture depicts a ripe marijuana plant where over 50% of the glands are milky with a few remaining clear and a few turning amber. Two days after this photograph was taken, the plant was harvested.