The risks of buying weed online

Digital Trends uncharitably called social media drug dealers “The Stupidest People On The Internet.” As evidence for that claim, the site gives several examples of bone-headed moves by Facebook and Instagram-based weed dealers.

“The basic lack of understanding on display here about how the internet works either means a shocking amount of users don’t realize how easy they are to trace, or maybe more likely, that they don’t really care. Instagram nonchalance may be a private investigator’s new best friend,” the site said.

Some of the online dealers are exactly what they seem. They do sell weed locally by using social media for advertising and publicity purposes. And there are people—usually in legal states—willing to ship weed to places where it’s illegal (at a big, black-market profit, of course). A buyer can get in lots of trouble, though, if the cops figure out what’s going on and trace the package to the person’s house.

Being in a legal state doesn’t necessarily offer protection either. A report by CBS Denver showed that Denver police used social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to entrap and bust those who buy weed from anywhere other than the city’s licensed pot shops. The cops also set up pages to pose as buyers in order to catch dealers advertising on social media, reports The Free Thought Project.

Some of the fake social media pages created by police were complete with back stories and photos of grow operations they claimed to own, according to THCU Insider.

Author: mkmcst

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