• This glossary-style entry contains just some of the botanical words that you may have heard associated with Cannabi

    Annual  This means that the plant completes a full life cycle within one growing season. Cannabis is one example, corn is another.

    Apical or Terminal Bud – This is the top of the plant. In Cannabis, these will typically be the biggest, most potent buds. They are often referred to as kolas.

    Axil & Axillary Bud – This is the place on the plant where leaves meet the main stem. In marijuana plants these have special cells that will grow into either side branches or into flowers.

    Dioecious  This comes from modern latin and literally means two houses. This means that cannabis can have either female or male flowers on separate plants. Unless you are getting very poorly produced product, you will be smoking only female flowers, with no seeds. This is also known as sinsemilla.  

    Flower – In most plant flowers are brightly colored and pretty, whereas in weed the flowers are pretty for a different reason. As you probably know, the female flowers produce THC and other cannabinoids in much higher amounts than other parts of the plant. Additionally, neither the male or female Cannabis flower has petals.

    Floral Bud – This is an axillary bud that has gotten the chemical signals to begin flowering. Eventually this becomes smokable marijuana.

    Herbaceous – This means that the Cannabis plant doesn’t make wood. The stem stays green and relatively flexible.

    Lateral Shoot – This is a branch that used to be an axillary bud (see a pattern here?)

    Leaf – The main energy production places in most plants and Cannabis is no exception. In Cannabis the leaves are palmately compound, meaning the leaves are split into tinier leaflets that radiate from a center point.

    Petiole – The little stalk that holds the main blade of the leaf or leaflets.

    Rachis – The point at which all of the leaflets meet. They can also get a little stretched and look like little petioles themselves.

    Stem – The part of the plant that supports and gives rise to leaves and flowers, it joins the root system at the soil level.

    Well that’s it as far as plant anatomy goes. Nothing more to say… Wait, of course there is, but I’m ready to go enjoy some Cannabis of my own.