Snowy owl numbers far lower than once thought

CHICAGO (AP) – Scott Judd trained his camera lens on the white dot in the distance. As he moved up the Lake Michigan shoreline, the speck on a breakwater came into view and took his breath away: it was a snowy owl, thousands of miles from its Arctic home.
“It was an amazing sight,” said Judd, a Chicago IT consultant. “It’s almost like they’re from another world. They captivate people in a way that other birds don’t.”

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Snowy Owl return to Plymouth ma

Not technically the best photos, but the Snowy Owl has returned to Long Beach! I was there enjoying the beautiful day and thankfully had my camera with me. It is so wonderful to see them fly! (I totally missed the takeoff!). To see more of my work, head to Garrett Walston Photography or on Instagram: garrett_walston. Thanks!

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