About Michael

in late 1993 i picked up the paint brush for the first time after seeing a bob Ross show the joy of painting i love how he use to make life on the canvas it intrigued me very nice work so I rushed down to the local department store and discovered that they did not sell oil just acrylic so i bought all the basic colors some canvas boards and went to work keep in mind at this point i had no idea that acrylic paint dries fast long story short i was able to work with it grown to love it at this time i had no PC so i really didn’t no the normal for acrylic painting so i tried and tried to paint acrylic in a real life look in 1995 the year of fame lol that year i painted maybe 30 pics a few in oil yes i finally found the oil but have always stuck to my roots in acrylic but others had discovered my work and i gave all 30 painting away to others who enjoyed my work Wow people really like what i was painting and i use to think my work was not that good to this day i don’t think my work is all that it just comes from within hard to explain and here we are in the year 2020 and I’m on Facebook showing others my art crazy world so in short i just love to paint landscapes the forest trees water sky it’s all so beautiful to me untouched