About Michael

Hello my name is Michael mcstay artist and this site mk art is dedicated to all the people supported me in my art and continue to support me thank you, In 1993 I watched on PBS The Joy of Painting with Bob Ross he painted the landscapes awesome I loved it something came over me and I had a deep desire to paint I have never painted before the time I painted for a while and oil color then discovered acrylic and I became an acrylic painter of landscapes perfected my technique and I don’t consider myself a traditional artist I just paint as I see there’s no one subject I’ve developed my own style painting Before I go any further let me thank you for coming by my blog MK art abbreviation of my name I am very fond of painting seascapes well as landscapes Birds and insects in the list it’s growing I feel did I see things differently outside in nature I love the beauty of the untouched land as Bob would say happy little trees well Bob’s been going for a lot of years now things work out never even remotely coming close to thinking I would ever become a artist here I am the year 2021 with my own style my own technique the first time I sold a painting was in 2013 a swamp landscape you can view it under my gallery You can view call my work most of it under my gallery on this page as well as work that’s up for sale on eBay I spend most of my days painting the ocean and the landscapes of Massachusetts I still do some old school landscapes that I learned on taught myself on there’s not much to me I’m from Massachusetts I have lived in Utah Florida Idaho Maine I have seen a lot of beauty a lot of different styles of land a lot of terrain my mind is filled with different landscapes in America I am an American Artist If you have purchased some of my work on eBay thank you means the world to me that you even took an interest in my work and I hope we have many years to create many fantastic paintings thank you, Michael mcstay the year is 2021